Is There A Historic Wine Cellar Hidden Beneath The Brooklyn Bridge?

Is There A Historic Wine Cellar Hidden Beneath The Brooklyn Bridge?
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Not a lot of New Yorkers know about this abandoned vault that once stored expensive champagnes.

Yi Chen
  • 7 march 2012

Photographer Stanely Greenberg has taken some interesting photos of architecture designs and infrastructures that are often hidden to the everyday passersby. One of the photos is a cave-like tunnel that happens to be an abandoned wine cellar beneath the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Although no longer in use, the thick, granite-walled cellar has been kept in excellent condition.

After a bit of history digging, Nicola from Edible Geography discovered that the hidden space was indeed rented out to wine makers to help offset the building cost of the bridge. The temperature under the bridge was consistently cool, even in the hot summer months, perfect for storing expensive wines and champagnes. According to the New York Times, companies like ‘Lyuties Brothers’ paid as much as “$5,000 for wine storage in a vault on the Manhattan side.”

Unfortunately, these vaults no longer store wines, but rather house maintenance materials. It would be great to see the now abandoned space utilized again for events like drink tasting, secret restaurant dining or converted into a time capsule to store New York-brewed beer beverages.

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