Can Apple Revolutionize Learning With Digital Textbooks? [Infographic]

Can Apple Revolutionize Learning With Digital Textbooks? [Infographic]

A new infographic from looks at how iBooks will change the way students acquire knowledge.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 april 2012

Online directory of education has taken a look at the growth of digital textbooks in a new infographic, which examines whether Apple can revolutionize the textbook industry. They highlight Apple’s launch of iBook 2, a free app that brings full-screen, interactive digital textbooks to students via the iPad. iBooks 2 delivered more than 350,000 copies of e-textbooks to users in its first three days.

More than 600 school districts nationwide have integrated iPads into students’ daily routines this school year. Aaron Tooley, a spokesperson for, believes this will expand and lead to digital learning being widely adopted:

With digital textbooks becoming more popular we could see the shift happen quicker than expected. Eventually, a loyal e-book following may lead to the overall decline and death of paper textbooks. Students, parents, teachers and the education system seem to be willing to adopt digital learning in the classroom. The transition from textbooks to e-books will eventually transform the way we learn and interact in educational environments.

Can Apple Revolutionize Textbooks With Digital Learning? [Infographic]


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