Arts Thread: Highlights Of Milan Design Week 2012

Arts Thread: Highlights Of Milan Design Week 2012
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A quick look at the projects that are sparking conversation in Italy.

Katie Dominy
  • 19 april 2012

At Milan Design Week, we take a look at a selection of the projects due to be showcased by Konstfack at Spazio Rossana Orlandi under the title Design for a Liquid Society.

Tove Thambert‘s Objects in Disguise are as they say – appear to be one thing but are, in fact, another. Light & Heavy can be used as candlesticks (featured in header image) but are also workout dumbbells available in three different weights and produced by Skeppshult, Scandinavia’s last foundry located in Sweden.

CONST, Ploypan Theerachai; Cheap Red Ass, Saran Yen Panya

CONST by Ploypan Theerachai is a series of desk lamps composed of three basic components – a concrete and marble base, an oak wood body and powder coated aluminium shade. The heavy base ‘keeps the octagon-shaped wood body balanced and the same time one can adjust the angle of the shade by rotating it. Reminiscent of playing with Lego blocks, CONST gives one the ability to have fun with functionality.’

We featured Saran Yen Panya‘s Cheap Ass Elites in the last issue of our ARTS THREAD magazine and are pleased to see it again in Milan. A play on high and low taste, the chairs are made ‘from ‘low’ common household plastic objects; storage and laundry baskets for the seating (back, base and arms) and the lower part of the chair is a simplified version of stereotypical “upper” class chairs made out of wood.’

Confession, Nick Ross; Fold, Anita Johannessen

Confession by Nick Ross is a flexible quiet space to retreat to in a busy open-plan office, with legs of steel tubing, hood of pressed polyester felt and oak table top.

Anita Johannessen has created an acoustic panel system entitled Felt whose ‘origami-like, sound-absolving materials (heat-pressed polyester felt) accented with aluminium edges are able to flip around individually to create an endless pattern with concave and convex contrast. Fold is also double-sided which allows it to be adjusted and used as a room divider in addition to the sound functions it is designed to serve.’

‘Design for a liquid society…Or as the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman put it—we now live in liquid modernity, which means that the individual is more and more involved in planning their lives and careers in short-term projects and episodes.’ comments Ivar Björkman, President of Konstfack.

Design for a Liquid Society by Konstfack, curated by Ikko Yokoyama, Head of Exhibition Konstfack, will take place at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Milan from April 17-22 2012.

By ARTS THREAD Europe Editor

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