The studio inspires new ways of showcasing products on tablets including focus and navigation to allow users to explore the images.

BERG use cinematic techniques and swiping iPad functions to cast new light on product photography, inspiring new ways of showcasing items and non-linear visual storytelling.

What would happen if instead of a single product image or a linear video, we could flick and drag our way through time and the optical qualities of lenses? What if we had control of the depth of field, focus, lighting, exposure, frame-rate or camera position through tap and swipe?

In their video, they show a 1960′s Rolex that was shot while pulling focus across the surface of the watch. This could enable consumers to control the focus using an iPad, with the focal point changing to match their finger as it swipes across the object. They also shot a glass jar of thread bobbins, which can be explored by swiping on the iPad. This creates a new dimension as you are looking at a glass jar and touching a cold glass surface at the same time, creating a more realistic sense of touch. Check out a demonstration of the technology below:

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