Energy Saving Light Turns On And Off As You Blink

Energy Saving Light Turns On And Off As You Blink

What if energy saving technology was connected to our bodily movements?

Kyana Gordon
  • 19 april 2012

Are you aware that when blinking, the brain temporarily switches off? Taking this idea – coupled with energy saving technology to the extreme, inventor and Instructables technology editor, Randy Sarafan devised an innovative solution to make us aware of our electricity consumption habits. With his ‘Energy Saving Light,’ Sarafan has created a wearable lamp device that operates only when your eyes are open. The light reacts to each blink – bringing light when needed and darkness when not.

Sarafan provides step-by-step instructions on the Arduino programmed and EMG sensor controlled device that connects to your face with electrodes. He advises:

Caution!!! Connecting your face to a DIY device that is plugged directly into the wall is a terrible idea. This Instructable was for entertainment purposes only. You should never replicate this.

He’s hoping to encourage a dialogue where other inventors will begin developing other use-sensing technologies for televisions, computers, and electric cars.

Be wowed by the animated .gif below showing the lamp in use.

Energy Saving Light

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