Brands Reward Your Fitness Achievements With Useful Products

Brands Reward Your Fitness Achievements With Useful Products

Kiip the mobile game rewards app, is branching out into the world of wellness of offer athletes a little extra motivation to run that extra mile.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 14 april 2012

Kiip, a mobile application that partners with major brands to offer mobile gamers real-world rewards for their virtual achievements, has expanded their business model to include the growing market of personal fitness tracking apps. The original concept targeted an engaged user-base of mobile gamers, who spent much of their free time on popular titles like Get Jump and Charadium II, reaching out to players at moments when they had achieved milestones within a game to create positive brand associations. “You’ve just gotten a new high score and now we’d like to offer you a free coffee from Starbucks.” Currently, Kiip is giving out five rewards a second across 120 apps with a total base of 30 million users.

Now the company is applying that same thinking to the fitness community in the hopes of making the emotional highs of reaching a personal health goal that much more meaningful. The updated application will reward users when they have achieved a “moment” within fitness applications. For example, if users log their run for the day in MapMyRun, they could get a reward from PepsiCo’s Propel Zero, the brand’s zero-calorie nutrient enhanced water beverage mix packets. This not only provides a brand incentive, but one that is actually useful to the running community, and that level of relevancy may hold the key to Kiip’s success.

In an interview with VentureBeat, director of digital engagement at PepsiCo, Jason Thalappillil, had this to say about Kiip’s expansion:

Kiip has found a meaningful way to target consumers when they’re the most engaged, while providing an opportunity for our brand to reward them for being active.

In addition to Kiip’s partnership with PepsiCo and MapMyRun, the platform has also paired with popular fitness apps Nexercise, LoloFit and GymPact to offer users further ways to engage. This seamless integration into platforms that already have an established community of users should also contribute to Kiip’s long term success. Existing users don’t need to significantly alter their behaviors in order to receive the benefits, while brands are given the opportunity to meaningfully connect with a specific user demographic.

And while on the surface these highly targeted brand messages could be viewed as solely profit directed, the integration into the fitness app platform offers users a rewarded for taking positive actions in their lives. As long as the rewards continue to align themselves with the needs of these communities, then a little added motivation to go that extra mile might not be such a bad thing.

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