Purify The Air With A Cardboard Cactus

Purify The Air With A Cardboard Cactus
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Meta Material introduces an filter that bridges the gap between natural and mechanical air-purification.

Allie Walker
  • 30 april 2012

With pollution on the rise, people are increasingly looking for ways to help ensure they’re breathing in clean air. Product offerings for cleaner breathing generally falls into two basic camps: the manufactured way, with air-purification devices, or the natural way, with houseplants.

Both methods offer cleaner air, but both have drawbacks; air-purification devices tend to be bulky, unattractive, and noisy, and houseplants have to be attended to or they’ll die.

Meta Material has solved the problem of choosing between an unattractive air-purifier device or a mortal houseplant for air-cleaning needs, creating a hybrid filter that is aesthetically pleasing, like a houseplant, but efficient, like a mechanical air-purifying device.

Created for Milan Design Week, the filters are made out of recycled corrugated cardboard and clean the air with natural substances and virtually no noise; the company claims their cardboard filters clean bacteria and other contaminants from the air better than conventional air-purifying devices on the market.

Choose between a cactus filter or a minimalist cube design, or ask Meta Material to design a custom shape. Prices range between $26-$52 for basic designs.

Meta Material

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