Cheap, environmentally friendly and easy to manufacture- is flatpack housing the way forward?

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This article titled “Are cardboard buildings the future?” was written by Steve Rose, for The Guardian on Friday 20th April 2012 10.51 UTC

Cardboard? Really? It's the common reaction to the idea of making buildings out of thick paper, such as the temporary cardboard cathedral announced for Christchurch, New Zealand, whose 19th-century one was destroyed in the earthquake last February. I met Shigeru Ban, the new cathedral's designer seven years ago. “Buildings made of concrete are easily destroyed by earthquakes, but paper-tube buildings can survive without damage,” he said, somewhat prophetically. Won't the cardboard go soggy in the rain? Won't it catch fire? I didn't need to ask if it was strong enough: we were sitting in a studio he had built on top of the Pompidou Centre in Paris – out of cardboard tubes.

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