The new car helps famous street artist Jeff Soto create a unique mural.

In their latest stunt to promote the new Chevy Sonic, Chevy teamed up with famous street artist Jeff Soto to create a mural on a brick wall in downtown Oakland, California. The Sonic was outfitted with a paint-blaster (think potato gun, but for paint) that rose out of the car's sun roof, a paint sprayer that shot from the passenger window, and a robotic arm that emerged from the trunk of the car.

Jeff controlled the spray-paint with various mechanics built into the car-a computerized control panel with a joystick, pressure gauges, and push button released paint balls from the paint-blaster and controlled the paint sprayer's stream. He was also able to use the help of a video monitor screen to better control his work. While the paint-blaster and paint sprayer helped Jeff cover majority territory on the wall, the robotic arm was able to render more precise drawings. The resulting work was a collaboration between the ‘robotic art car' and Soto, who filled in the mural with his typical ‘messy, crazy, off-the-cuff, random stuff.'

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