The smartphone instant messenger has partner with a Kuala Lumpur establishment to offer seamless, personal ordering -- no server required.

If consumers can order take-out food via QR code, it stands to reason that they should be able to order drinks with similar convenience. Enter BlackBerry Malaysia, which recently partnered with Kuala Lumpur jazz club No Black Tie to enable patrons to order their drinks directly from the bartender using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Now on offer at No Black Tie every Thursday night through April 19, BBM Table Service gives BlackBerry users a way to order drinks without having to flag down a waiter. To do so, they begin by adding the bartender’s PIN on BBM and then scanning a QR code to activate the service. Once they’ve received a confirmation message, they can place drink orders or even call a waiter using their device; all they need provide is their table number. The company also claims that users of the BBM Table Service will receive a free beer, wine or soft drink courtesy of BlackBerry Malaysia.

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