Composer Creates Artificial Engine Sounds For New Audi Hybrid [Video]

Composer Creates Artificial Engine Sounds For New Audi Hybrid [Video]

German car manufacturer creates fake noises for its electric vehicles to make them safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Yi Chen
  • 6 april 2012

Audi has created a series of e-tron concepts that are electric or hybrid cars. The electric cars run seamlessly and are virtually quiet. Without emitting any engine sounds, this also poses as a danger for pedestrians and cyclists who won’t be able to hear the car approaching. Audi is tackling this problem by collaborating with a sound engineer to compose a signature ‘e-sound’ to use in its electric e-tron models.

The electric vehicle would be able to generate the sound almost instantly and the type and pitch of the e-sound will be determined based on data including the motor’s rotational speed, vehicle speed, loads, and other factors.

Watch the video below to see how it’s taken almost three years to develop Audi’s unique e-sound.


Photo courtesy of Designboom

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