Digital Baseball Cards Let Fans Trade On Their iPhones

Digital Baseball Cards Let Fans Trade On Their iPhones

Confectionery company Topps reinvents its retro product with interactive mobile apps.

Yi Chen
  • 12 april 2012

Topps is know for its iconic Bazooka bubble gum, which essentially led to the invention and popularity of trading baseball cards in the 1950s. Now, the company is trying to revive this retro hobby by going digital with its cards. The Topps Bunt iOS app allows users to collect virtual cards and even trade them with other people. Just like the original printed cards, these virtual cards also feature a photo and information about the player.

For the serious baseball-fan, there’s also the Topps Pennant app that allows users to browse through game data, stats, and information from 1952 through to the current season.

Michael Bramlage, VP of Digital at Topps, explained that:

This is the first time we’re making an earnest push into digital. But we’re doing more than just digitizing a physical baseball card. You’ve got to do more.



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