Prodigy Child’s DIY Cardboard Arcade Inspires Flash Mob

Prodigy Child’s DIY Cardboard Arcade Inspires Flash Mob
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Caine Monroy from L.A. built his own faux gaming palace out of cardboard, operated it out of his dad's used auto parts store, and was the subject of a film.

Kyana Gordon
  • 10 april 2012

Children are by nature extremely imaginative and creative. For instance, we transformed our parents’ house into a 24-hour General Store when we were younger. Meet nine-year-old, Caine Monroy from Los Angeles who loved arcade games so much he devoted time to constructing his own magical arcade out of cardboard and packing tape found in his Dad’s used auto parts store. Caine’s ingenuity is astounding – operating the arcade out of the front of the store, games included versions of soccer, basketball, and even a claw game.

The machines dispense tickets that Caine would manually roll through a slot, and arcade patrons could then choose prizes, just like at a traditional arcade. A dollar granted you four plays, and for two dollars you received a ‘Five-Hundred Turn Fun Pass.’ Each game is equipped with a calculator for added security (to ensure the legitimacy of the Fun Pass) and we applaud Caine’s creative use of the square root key.

Business was slow until the filmmaker, Nirvan Mullick needed a part for his car and stumbled upon the arcade. Asking Caine’s dad for permission, Nirvan decided make a short documentary about the arcade and wanted to make Caine’s day by organizing a flash mob of other patrons. The outcome is brilliant and moving as the community shows support for Caine’s hard work. Watch the short film below, be overcome with joy, and support this young creative’s Scholarship Fund. Kind of makes you wonder what could have happened if you chose to pursue your childhood dreams and never give up?

Caine’s Arcade 

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