Websites like MatchPuppy and Spotwag offer playdates, matches and pet sitting.

The next step in social networking sees the emergence of sites for dog owners, like MatchPuppy and Spotwag, that offer to connect them to others nearby or to pet sitters.

MatchPuppy, which is currently beta testing in New York City, lets them arrange playdates, find matches for breeding or just meet up with other dog owners. They can find their favorite dog parks, schedule meetings with other users or join upcoming playdates.

Spotwag, which launched last week in San Francisco, offers an alternative to kennels and pet hotels. It turns Facebook into a support network by letting people coordinate pet sitting from friends, who can be thanked with cash, a gift, or by returning the favor. Those who don’t have a pet can offer their time and care for someone elses while they are away.

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