Safe Earbuds Let You Hear Street Sounds

Safe Earbuds Let You Hear Street Sounds
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The new earphone concept helps you hear the sounds of incoming vehicles, keeping you safe from potential pedestrian accidents.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 6 april 2012

The past seven years have seen an alarming increase of pedestrian injuries and deaths brought about by the use of earphones, which tend to prevent the sound of incoming vehicles from being heard by pedestrians. Audiologist Matt Murphy addresses this safety concern by designing EarHero, a special pair of earphones designed to let you hear both your music and the sound of street traffic.

Billed as “the world’s safest earphones,” EarHeros are equipped with two speakers (one of which slides into each ear canal) while a retention device connected to each speaker is affixed to the bowl of the ear.  The relatively small size of the speakers allows outside noise to be heard, making you aware if a bike or a vehicle is headed your way.

Check out a preview of how the EarHero works in the video below:


Images by Treehugger

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