A discussion with the founder of charitable action organization Ever Monday Matters (EMM) about how to change the world one weekday at a time.

If I've learned anything over the past 10 years, it's that the old saying, “It’s far more rewarding to give than it is to receive” is very powerful.

I was recently invited to mentor a group of emerging social entrepreneurs, all of whom are focused on business models geared towards improving the lives of others, at an intimate conference called Praxis. While I was going there to help and guide others, I left with the gift of being inspired, challenged, and full of hope.

Everyone I met had a compelling purpose for their business and a number of them really stood apart from the crowd. But Matt Emerzian's brilliant story and the business he’s starting to build caught my attention. I was taken by his story, his openness, and vulnerability, and I've shared it with anyone who will listen. He's taken a day of the week and made it matter. I hope his story makes you think differently about Mondays and how you spend them as much as it has for me.

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