Facebook Makes Creating Mobile Apps For Their Platform Much Easier

Facebook Makes Creating Mobile Apps For Their Platform Much Easier

The open-source browser test suite created by the social network helps developers overcome hurdles with HTML5.

Yi Chen
  • 6 april 2012

Facebook recently announced that it has made Ringmark an open-source platform used to make creating and testing mobile apps easier and more convenient. Ringmark collaborated with the Facebook team to come up with a browser test suite that helps developers to ensure that the mobile app will run correctly and render properly on the device.

Ringmark lets app creators see how the their HTML5 app works across different types of browsers. With HTML5, developers don’t have to come up with a different app version for each device such as the iPhone or Android. Matt Kelly, Engineer at Facebook, explained that:

The mobile web has great potential, but still needs a lot of work. One of the most frustrating problems was that of fragmentation in mobile browser capabilities and of understanding what’s possible on any given mobile browser

As HTML5 is a fairly new web language, Facebook hopes that by making Ringmark open-source, mobile developers are able to build and share information to further improve the existing platform.

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