Floating Futuristic Hotel Gives Guests An Underwater Experience

Floating Futuristic Hotel Gives Guests An Underwater Experience
Design & Architecture

A concept floating tourist base Three Spirits connects futuristic design with an underwater world.

Eveliina Nieminen
  • 16 april 2012

Three Spirits, a fantasy-like floating tourist base, connects futuristic design with underwater world and lets the guests experience privileged attractions. The tourist base, designed by a Polish architect Filip Kurzewski, embodies three ship hotels that each offer different services, such as a casino and a diving capsule where guests can safely practice scuba diving. The sustainability-minded architect has designed the hotels to be self-sustainable  for 30-days.

The three ships can form a complex structure with short distances in between each of the sections or one larger island. Main attraction of the tourist base will be the water views and the safe swimming area where guests can dive and admire coral reefs and ship wrecks. Other services include live theatrical performances, film screenings and a ballroom.

Floating residencies have become trendy during the past few years because sea side building lots are often hard to find and over populated. Floating attractions can be more exclusive as MORPHotel, or lower budget experiments such as Finnish Floating Garden project.

Three Spirits design has been examined by naval architects who consider the project to be set-up for realization as soon as an interested investor signs up.

Three Spirits Design

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