Are Games The Key To Educating Children About The Environment?

Are Games The Key To Educating Children About The Environment?

Interactive toys and tablet apps are teaching kids about the earth and sustainability in new ways, creating collaborative experiences that are amusing while instilling good values.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 14 april 2012

After analysis of hundreds of data points collected around the modern family experience and how it is changing, the PSFK consulting team noticed that games are engaging kids in ways that are educating them more and more each day, creating collaborative experiences whether by tablet, application, or modern toys. Leveraging the attention grabbing potential of gaming mechanics, parents and educators can tailor content to instill lessons of sustainability, and the like in subtle ways while avoiding a formalized education. Through repeat engagement and continued use over time, these platforms can be leveraged to instill life lessons in children at an early age.

Below are the examples we felt supported the theme ‘Games To Educate Children About The Environment’.


Digital Scavenger Hunt Encourages Kids To Explore Outside


Social Energy Application Helps Consumers Compare Home Energy Usage On Facebook


Interactive Toy Uses Solar And Wind Energy To Sustain Its Life Level

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