A new London instrument harnesses the power of wind to create a giant instrument.

Aeolus – Acoustic Wind Pavilion is a art exhibit created by Luke Jerram. The first free-standing giant instrument, the sculpture allows wind to resonate through the steel tubes making the silent shifting patterns of the wind audible. Vibrations in strings attached to some of the tubes are transferred through skins covering the tops, and projected down through the tubes towards the viewer standing beneath the arch.

Named after Aeolus, ruler of the four winds in Greek mythology, the stringed instrument is also an optical pavilion where visitors can look through a field of 310 polished stainless steel tubes. The light that passes through the tubes frame, invert and magnify the landscape around the pavilion.  Aeolus will be in Canada Square Walk, London’s Canary Wharf, until May 10. Watch a video of the wind instrument in action below:

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