Smart Vibrating Glove Helps The Hearing And Sight-Impaired To Text

Smart Vibrating Glove Helps The Hearing And Sight-Impaired To Text

The visual and hearing impaired will soon be able to engage in efficient communication via smartphones or computers.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 9 april 2012

Individuals afflicted with both sight and hearing impairments have long relied on hand-touch alphabet systems such as Lorm in order to communicate with others. However, communication with the deafblind requires physical contact and knowledge of signing, which may serve as impediments to fast and casual dialogues. To address this concern, researchers at the Design Research Lab in Berlin have developed the Mobile Lorm Glove, a handworn device that translates the German lorm alphabet into digital text and vice versa, thereby facilitating two-way multiplatform communication.

The Mobile Lorm Glove is made of pressure-sensitive fabric that allows its wearer to compose words or phrases that are transmitted to either a smartphone or a computer via bluetooth. The wearer, on the other hand, can receive and interpret messages that come in through vibro-tactile feedback generated by sensors at the back of the glove. These features, among others being developed, are a big step in empowering the deafblind to communicate steadily and efficiently with a wider range of audiences.

A demonstration of the Mobile Lorm Glove can be seen in the video below:

 Mobile Lorm Glove

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