Was Google’s Project Glass Created Just To Sell Ads?

Was Google’s Project Glass Created Just To Sell Ads?

A video spoof's of Google latest technology shows how the search giant could continually bombard users with opportunities to consume.

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  • 11 april 2012


Culture Jammer Jonathan McIntosh created a spoof of the video Google created to promote their augmented reality glasses project, titled Google Glass. While some, including The Guardian, are asking whether people are ready to start wearing Google’s glasses, others, like Jonathan, wants to imagine what the experience will really be like once it gains enough momentum to be ad-supported.

In explaining his project, Jonathan admits that:

Of course I’m exaggerating here for visual effect to mimic the modern web browsing experience. Google will probably not be this obvious with their interface but there’s no question the company will be gathering massive amounts of extremely personal data to build detailed profiles and sell super targeted ads. Because let’s face it, Google really is just a massive advertising company at heart.

This perspectives seems to echo the perspective that Jon Stewart jokingly brought up on his show, that Google glasses are “like people peeping into your eyes.”

Check out the video that Google originally posted:

And here is Jonathan McIntosh’s spoof version where he playfully inserts ‘Adword style’ pop-ups all over the user’s field of vision:

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