Pop-Up Hotel Rooms Let You Spend The Night In The Forest

Pop-Up Hotel Rooms Let You Spend The Night In The Forest
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Artistic pods allow guests to enjoy a whimsical evening hanging from trees in the woods.

Yi Chen
  • 25 april 2012

In the woodlands of Norfolk, AirHotel will be revealing nine unique rooms that can be rented out for a night. These whimsical pods were created by Time Circus, a group of Belgian artists who were inspired by the fantasy aspects of a performing circus. Each pod is different and while some float in mid-air hanging from the tree tops, other remain stationary on the forest ground.

The rooms all feature quality bedlinen and even feature personal journals so guests can write down their dreams and experiences. There would also be live performances in the woods with circus acts like the Strongest Granny in the Entire World, and ‘aerial hostesses’ who are more than happy to sing you a song or read you a poem.


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