Is Ranch Dressing The New Ketchup?

Is Ranch Dressing The New Ketchup?

Hidden Valley dressing company is positioning its most popular product as a condiment for everything.

Yi Chen
  • 6 april 2012

Hidden Valley Foods has improved its ranch dressing to be thicker and creamier in hopes to appeal to younger consumers. The company is labeling the dressing as ‘The New Ketchup’ and is calling it the ‘Hidden Valley for Everything’ that be used as a topping or a dip.

Ranch-flavored sauces are already quite popular with the U.S. consumers but they’re often used only as a salad dressing. Hidden Valley hopes to diversify its usage by using ranch like ketchup on foods like chicken, fries, pizza, burgers and sandwiches.

Jon Balousek, Vice President and General Manager at Clorox Co. (which owns Hidden Valley) hopes that the Hidden Valley for Everything will be “as ubiquitous as ketchup on restaurant tables and in consumers’ kitchens.”

Hidden Valley

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