How Leaving Digital Messages In Physical Space Is Changing The Way We Tell Stories

How Leaving Digital Messages In Physical Space Is Changing The Way We Tell Stories

Examples of platforms that help people document their personal experiences and create a meaningful footprint of themselves in the places they inhabit.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 7 april 2012

After analysis of hundreds of data points collected around the modern family experience and how it is changing, the PSFK consulting team noticed that location aware apps and technologies are uniting neighborhoods and family members through the capacity to leave digital messages in physical spaces. Grounded in the importance of sharing simple, human stories, these participatory platforms enable people to create audio-visual diaries of their lives and work to build communities of local storytellers. As users collaborate with one another in documenting their personal experiences, they help contribute to a larger story that can connect community members in new ways that foster trust and build awareness around local issues, while increasing engagement all around.

Below are the examples we came across in our research that supported the theme ‘Storytelling At The Meta Level: Leaving Digital Messages In Physical Spaces”.


Skychalk Is For Scribbling Notes To A Map


Pinwheel Pins Your Notes To A World Map


Repudo Leaves Digital Messages In Physical Spaces


Cowbird Lets You Keep A Beautiful Diary Of Your Life

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