New developments in tablet photography let you use a tripod and boost optical effects for your images.

Josh Apter, founder of the Manhattan Edit Workshop, has created two new developments in tablet photography. The ‘Padcaster' is a device for mounting an iPad onto a tripod and the ‘Lenscaster' is a universal mount for attaching SLR lenses to the iPad's camera.

Engadget, who recently had a hands-on with the products, reported that the lens mount lets you use a standard 35mm adapter to attach any SLR optic, enabling you to achieve hardware-driven optical effects that the iPad lacks, such as shallow depth of field, manual focus and zooming without loss of detail. The Padcaster's aluminum frame also doubles as a DSLR cage, enabling you to assemble a pro rig. The Padcaster will be available soon for around $200, with the Lenscaster attachment costing an extra $60.

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