New design lets you charge your device indoors and out through its organic photovoltaic panels.

American retail company Hammacher Schlemmer has recently showcased an iPad case equipped with solar charging capabilities, perfect for those unexpected moments where you run out of iPad battery power and realize that you don’t have your charger with you. Compatible with either the iPad2 or the iPad 3, the solar-powered case has an integrated battery that can give your iPad up to ten days of working power on a single charge.

Its solar panels are composed of organic photovoltaic ink, which converts both indoor and outdoor light into electricity. For ease of use and readability, the solar-powered case comes with a stand that mounts the iPad at a 15 degree angle for writing emails or watching movies. The case also comes with a USB port that can charge smartphones, bluetooth handsets, or smartphones, and a built-in HDMI output can connect to an HDTV.

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