Jeans Made Of Recycled Beer Bottles

Jeans Made Of Recycled Beer Bottles

Bonobos celebrates Earth Day with eco-friendly pants made of recycled material.

Allie Walker
  • 25 april 2012

Sure, you may have ‘worn’ beer before by accidentally spilling it on yourself, but popular men’s clothing brand Bonobos has figured out a way for you to ‘wear’ beer in a more respectable, fashionable, and most notably, eco-friendly way.

To celebrate Earth Day 2012, Bonobos introduced a special line of environmentally sustainable denim made completely from recycled materials.  The jeans are called Bottle Rockets— aptly named because each pair of jeans contains 3-5 recycled beer bottles.

Bottle Rocket jeans are made from White Oak Cone Denim, which features EarthSpun yarn. EarthSpun is an innovative company that makes apparel and yarn out of 100%  recycled cotton, polyester, plastic bottles, and x-ray film.  Instead of using dyes or chemicals in their yarn, the colors of EarthSpun yarn (and the resulting apparel and denim) come from the colors of the recycled plastic bottles and x-ray film they use- blue, green, and brown yarn comes from the recycled bottles, and gray yarn comes from the x-ray film.

It’s not a stretch to imagine how brown plastic beer bottles created the natural canvas wash of the Bottle Rockets and blue plastic beer bottles created the more traditional indigo rinse of the Bottle Rockets.  (And before you say beer bottles are usually glass, not plastic, think of any outdoor concert, event, or sporting game you’ve attended– those bottles are plastic!)

So go ahead and have another beer, but make sure you recycle it afterwards, as you might just end up wearing it!

Check out images of the innovative jeans below:





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