Karim Rashid Designs Sculptural Seating For Airport Lounge [Pics]

Karim Rashid Designs Sculptural Seating For Airport Lounge [Pics]
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Kopperscape is a fiberglass and Luminore copper art installation located in a newly built terminal in Canada.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 april 2012

Karim Rashid designed this airport seating for Edmonton International Airport in Canada, which is also a public art installation. “Kopperscape” features chairs, chaise longues, benches and side tables made of fiberglass and coated with Luminore copper, symbolizing the Canadian copper penny. The 2000 square foot sculpture was selected from over 200 worldwide artist submissions that were specifically designed for the airport’s new terminal and is one of five permanent art pieces.

Karim Rashid Designs Seating Sculpture For Canadian Airport [Pics]

This sculpture is an evolution of Karim’s notion of space, surface and object, all integrated in one organic landscape. It is an extension of 12 years of concepts he’s created about undulating ‘non-stop’ reconfigurable landscapes that become one large sculptural brush stroke. Karim has long been influenced by forms created in nature. The Canadian landscape with its soaring mountains, snowy peaks and rippling rivers all influenced the form of this functional sculpture.

Karim Rashid Designs Seating Sculpture For Canadian Airport [Pics]

Karim Rashid

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