Kickstarter For Foodies Helps You Finance Your Next Dinner Party

Kickstarter For Foodies Helps You Finance Your Next Dinner Party

PSFK tests outs the Zokos crowdfunding event model.

Wesley Robison
  • 20 april 2012

Brooklyn based start up, Zokos, helps party hosts collaboratively fund and plan social events. The funding model allows party hosts to easily collect funds the day before an event, enabling a smooth transition from planning to party without an awkward exchange of cash.  Similar to Kickstarter, parties added to the site are only successfully funded when the selected goal is reached. By getting guests involved early on in funding parties, Zokos is helping to simplify the financial and organization hurdle for party planners, allowing them to can spend more time spreading the word, decorating or preparing a feast.

Started from their college dinner club at Yale, “Veggie Dinner,” the four founders have invited nearly a 1,000 people to participate in their events. Zokos has since gone beyond its college roots helping would-be hosts plan anything from a dinner party or cooking class to a tailgate or general party party. Taking a cue from the dynamic of potlucks, where everyone brings something to the table, Zokos hopes to help hosts by making it easier for everyone to contribute monetarily.

PSFK had the opportunity to participate in their Beta launch, using the service to help plan and host a monthly PHAT (Pretty Hot And Tasty) Tuesday dinner. As a host, we were able to tap into our Google and Facebook contacts to send out invites and keep track of who potential attendees. The platform allowed us to set a minimum number of guests to ensure a full table, as well as a maximum, in order to ensure that everyone had a full plate.

All those great features aside, Zokos proved most helpful in easing the financial burden prior to the event, letting us focus on the preparatory shopping and cooking that needed to be accomplished. While the site still has a few kinks to work out in terms of usability, at the end of the night a sea of empty plates and satisfied smiles was a positive sign that the platform has real potential.


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