Klout Introduces Brand Pages

Klout Introduces Brand Pages

The company gives influencers a place to be recognized and have a direct impact on the brands they like.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 april 2012

Klout has unveiled Brand Squads, a new way of recognizing top influencers and empowering them to have an impact on the brands they care about, with Red Bull as it’s exclusive launch partner.

Currently in beta, Brand Squads will provide a platform for influencers to engage with brands. On the pages there will be a list of the Top 10 and Top 100 influencers for each brand, an activity stream showing content across social media, information about the brand’s recent developments, and access to the brand’s special Perks that can be earned.

Klout Introduces Brand Squads Pages With Launch Partner Red Bull

The top influencers are users who have the most +K’s in a specific topic, rather than those who have the highest overall Klout score. Topical influence gives users +K for sharing relevant content and other users can vouch for your offline influence by giving you +K in that topic.

As part of this launch, Red Bull will be offering a number of Perks to their top influencers, including a subscription to The Red Bulletin, a 4-Pack of the new Red Bull Total Zero, merchandise, or a VIP experience like a behind-the-scenes look at the X-Games.

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