MIT students used their ingenuity to bring the addictive game to the side of a campus building.

As big fans of Tetris, we fell in love with this recent hack from MIT students. Last week, a team converted the side of MIT’s Green Building into a massive, playable, multi-colored Tetris game. Home of the Institute’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science, the Green Building served as the ideal grid for the game.

Described as “The Holy Grail of hacks” by the MIT Gallery of Hacks, the game of Tetris was played using a console on the ground, allowing students to control, rotate, and drop the illuminated blocks.  This is not the first time students have pulled off a game of Tetris on a university building. CNET points out that in 2000, Brown University students pulled off a school-permitted version on the side of the Sciences Library, using a Linux computer and 10,000 light bulbs

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