Abe Burmeister, founder of Outlier couldn't find a pair of pants that would hold up while biking in the rain--so he decided to make his own.

Originally published in PSFK’s Need To Know Magazine Volume 1. 

Abe Burmeister, co-founder of the innovative performance clothing company Outlier, explains how his idea for a company grew out of a personal frustration- and why he decided to be an an e-commerce only company:

It started with a personal need. I never set out to start a company. I just wanted a pair of pants I could ride my bike to work in and not worry if it was going to rain. At first I assumed I could just buy them, and set off looking. I thought it might take me an afternoon, but a year later I still hadn’t found anything close. It was at that point that I thought, ‘if no one else is going to make these things I guess I’ll have to do it myself.’

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