Nissan's direct-to-consumer film features Bollywood star Ranbin Kapoor in a fantasy race through India to reunite two lovers where a mystery fleet of 100s of blue Nissans save the day.

In a move unprecedented in the history of Indian Cinema, Nissan India launched New Star of India, a promotional campaign to create the world’s first Bollywood movie that was cast on Facebook. Over 2500 aspiring actors auditioned to land one of the 20 coveted slots to act alongside Ranbir Kapoor, one of Bollywood’s biggest stars.

The result: a remarkable Bollywood-style short-film feature that showcases the power of love amid parental disapproval. The four-minute short features Kapoor chasing his love interest across a packed city, aided by a fleet of 100 Nissan Micras. Watch the full film below:

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