Using specially designed "soundscapes" Dream:ON aims to influence your subconscious while you sleep.

Dream:ON is an interesting new iOS app grounded on a mass-participation study that aims to find out whether humans can control their subconscious to create and steer visual scenarios in their dreams. Designed with the aim of giving you “the perfect dream,” Dream:ON functions as a mobile sleep-monitoring system: before going to bed, you will set your alarm using Dream:ON, select a “soundscape,” a soundtrack designed to help create your preferred dream, and leave the iPhone or iPad beside you. Dream:ON's accelerometer will then monitor your sleeping motions and will go into “Dream Mode” 20 minutes before your alarm sets off. Once the app senses that you are laying perfectly still (an indication of dreaming), it will play the desired soundscape, which theoretically influences the subconscious and lets you control your dreams. Finally, once the alarm wakes you up, Dream:ON will prompt you to share your dream on Twitter or Facebook and tag your friends if they appeared in your dream.

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