The PowerPot uses thermoelectric power to charge USB devices like smartphones or GPS units anytime, anywhere.

The PowerPot is a thermoelectric generator that can provide power for USB devices by transforming the heat from cooking into electricity. This portable energy source for off-grid living and outdoor recreation was developed by Salt Lake City startup Power Practical.

It works in any weather, day or night, needing only heat and water to generate power. The lightweight backpacking pot can be heated using any fuel, such as propane, gas or open wood fires.

The PowerPot has already achieved its funding goal on Kickstarter but is still accepting preorder pledges. The PowerPot V ($125) produces up to 5W of electricity and weighs less than a pound. It has a USB output and can fully charge devices such as cell phones and MP3 players in 60-90 mins. The PowerPot X ($199) is a larger model with a 10W output that can charge more power-hungry devices like tablets.

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