The additional information hidden in these little squares of technology make consumers feel closer to the products they are buying.

This article titled “Liverpool goes nuts over ‘smart' Fair Trade goods” was written by David Ward, for on Tuesday 3rd April 2012 14.00 UTC

So you like a cup of Fair Trade coffee. But do you know where your coffee comes from? You might know that you prefer Kenyan to Costa Rican for your espresso but what do you know of the farmers across the world who grew the beans that went into the pack with the familiar Fair Trade logo?

Pick up your smart phone, run it over the QR (Quick Response) code on the packet and the screen is filled instantly with a map showing the location of the cooperative that produced the coffee, plus detailed information about its growers, their beans and their work, its Fair Trade credentials and contribution to the local community. It is like satnav for a Fair Trade destination.

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