Sauna-In-A-Box Lets You Relax In The Middle Of The River [Pics]

Sauna-In-A-Box Lets You Relax In The Middle Of The River [Pics]
Arts & Culture

A minimalistic structure that stimulates all your senses when you step inside.

Yi Chen
  • 25 april 2012

What looks like large box crate floating on the river, is actually a 3-meter cube sauna. The minimalistic ‘Hot Cube’ is suspended over a Finnish river and uses organic architectural elements to create a soft and relaxing environment inside.

The Hot Cube was designed by artist Harri Markkula. Visitors can go into the sauna box by a wooden bridge that connects the river bank to the entrance.  The box includes a heated stove, and lattice floors that allow guests to see and hear the water flowing by. The small space heightens senses such as the sound of the crackling fire and glistening water, the smell of wood and nature, and the soft lighting that’s inviting and relaxing.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images of the compact, urban sauna:

Harri Markkula

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