In this video, journalist Rob Schmitz presents an exclusive look into how iPads are manufactured and tested.

Marketplace’s Shanghai Bureau Chief, Rob Schmitz was the second reporter granted access to tour the factory floor of Foxconn. After debunking a large portion of actor, and NPR contributor, Mike Daisey’s account regarding Apple’s factory practices in China, Schmitz wrote a detailed report of his experience there, but the video below provides a rare glimpse inside Foxconn’s Shenzhen iPad factory – revealing its inner workings, including how the popular iPad is made.

Schmitz and his crew were permitted to film a number of active stations on the iPad assembly line that have never been seen before. The footage shows how factory workers use both hand assembly and machinery to put together an iPad. Viewers can see how the screen is put together, quality control monitors the back cover for scratches, and how the testing of the gyroscope is carried out.

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