Sensory Deprivation Headphones Block Out Sight For Heightened Listening [Pics]

Sensory Deprivation Headphones Block Out Sight For Heightened Listening [Pics]
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Listen to your music, interruptions-free with the concept OneSense earphones.

Yi Chen
  • 5 april 2012

Sometimes, you may just want to listen to your music in peace, without being interrupted by passers-by or visually intrusive ads, technology and surrounding events. That’s when you need a pair of the OneSense concept headphones that not only cover your ears, but also across your eyes. The bright red design and intimidating spikes will definitely make people think twice before approaching you.

The OneSense headphones were created by designer Joe Doucet and will be exhibited at the Meet My Project event in Milan, Italy, between 17-21 April. Doucet explained that:

In an age where technology allows for a constant bombardment on our senses, where tablet computers and smartphones mean we are reachable 24/7, One Sense symbolises the human need for periods of peace and tranquility. One Sense not only obscures environmental sight and sound from encroaching on the wearer, but utilises the color red and a display of spikes, drawn from nature’s symbols for warning and defence, to alert others not to intrude.

CHeck out more images of the unique headphones by clicking through the thumbnails below:

Joe Doucet

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