Erica Iris Simmons "draws” with objects like audio tape and reel-to-reel tape to create works from everyday items.

What makes Erica Iris Simmons’ talent so great is the way she sees hidden potential within objects. A quick visit to the gallery in her website will reveal her deftness at working with analog materials. She deconstructs banal objects and uses the pieces to recreate them as works of art. As she describes in her artist statement, she looks for “worlds within worlds” as she uses familiar materials to draw in a new way:

I find objects fascinating. Have you ever picked up something in a charity shop and thought about the life its lived?  What’s the objects history? Who has held it, loved it, lost it; how has its meaning changed over time?  I try to take all of this into account when envisioning a project. I also think about the viewer. What does this object mean at a cultural level?  I try to keep as much of the object intact – and I attempt to honor its character as much as physically possible in the final manifestation.  I love finding a world in a world.

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