Architect Pedro Scattarella uses revamped materials inside Los Sopranos restaurant.

Architect Pedro Scattarella has found another inventive use for shipping containers, using them to furnish a pizzeria in Barcelona, Spain. The interior of Los Sopranos was inspired by New York harbour warehouses and also features reclaimed wooden packing crates and freight boxes.

The pizzeria's open kitchen is set behind a glass curtain, allowing customers to watch their pizza being made. There is a red tiled bar on the ground floor with warehouse signage decorating the exposed walls around it. The upstairs dining area features upcycled shipping materials and brightly colored chairs. One shipping container has a beverage display built into the side, while others have been turned into bathrooms, private dining areas and storage space. Packing crates and smaller containers are used to shelve condiments, napkins and glasses. Click through to see photos of the pizzeria's interior:

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