Make Your Own Stop-Motion LEGO Movie On Your Smartphone

Make Your Own Stop-Motion LEGO Movie On Your Smartphone

Toy brand lets smartphone users become film directors with new movie-making app.

Allie Walker
  • 23 april 2012

LEGO has made it easy for anyone with an iOS device to become a film director.

Designed to promote LEGO’s new DC Universe Super Heroes Collection, the new, free ‘LEGO Super Hero Movie Maker‘ app lets users shoot, edit, and even score their own stop-motion films with their smartphones.

The app is easy to use and mimics childhood play; simply set up your LEGO figures in the scene of your choice and start shooting.  Each camera shot is a frame in the film, so take a picture any time you move an action figure or change the scene. Once you’re done shooting, you’re ready to edit the film.

In editing, choose one of 11 customizable title cards to start the film, delete any unwanted frames, and add a score to the action (the app comes with 5 soundtracks). You can even add a color filter to frames to add a bit of Hollywood magic to the film.

Now press play, share with your friends, and watch your LEGOS come to life in your very own stop-motion movie!

Click through the thumbnails below to see some sample shots:



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