As a result of their difference in purpose, the iPad might actually bolster the usefulness of the full-sized computer.

This article titled “How tablets are eating the PC’s future – but might save the desktop computer” was written by Charles Arthur, for on Wednesday 25th April 2012 14.07 UTC

Now that the numbers are in, we can get a view on how the PC industry is doing – both the bit that Microsoft licenses directly (through Windows) and Apple’s slice.

Below is the graph for PC sales after you out take Apple’s slice. What it shows is that the high watermark for the industry – so far? – seems to have come in the Christmas quarter of 2010, when just over 89m Windows PCs were sold (averaging the figures from Gartner and IDC). In fact, that was the high watermark for the whole PC business so far, including Apple: just short of 92.9m personal computers were sold in that quarter.

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