How Is Technology Boosting Our Traditional Educational Experience?

How Is Technology Boosting Our Traditional Educational Experience?

Examples of learning experiences enhanced through gadgets and new interfaces that are evolving the way kids learn.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 14 april 2012

After analysis of hundreds of data points collected around the modern family experience and how it is changing, the PSFK consulting team noticed that emerging technologies are offering new ways to engage and educate early learners as they interact with content and explore it in depth around points of individual interest. Built to capture attention with immersive, interactive features, these platforms open up individual paths of learning and often come with the built-in capacity for sharing progress and opportunities for collaboration.

Below are the examples we felt supported the theme ‘Using Tech To Augment The Traditional Educational Experience’.


AR Enhanced Book Adds Interactivity To Reading


Augmented Reality Used To Educate Children At Taronga Zoo


Interactive Kinect Installation Turns Kids Into Virtual Puppeteers

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