How Technology Is Ingraining Creativity At An Early Age

How Technology Is Ingraining Creativity At An Early Age

Examples of technologies that are empowering kids with tools of creation and instilling ideas of entrepreneurship.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 21 april 2012

After analysis of hundreds of data points collected around the modern family experience and how it is changing, the PSFK consulting team noticed that kids are being empowered by access to various tools of creation at an early age.  These technologies are not only intuitive and designed specifically with straightforward usability in mind, but also challenge kids to see the value behind what they are creating while learning marketable skills in the process. Linking technology with its capacity to enhance educational experiences, these technologies are instilling ideas of entrepreneurship in children at an early age.

Below are the examples we felt supported the theme ‘Using Technology To Ingrain Creativity At An Early Age’.


iPad App Lets Kids Publish Real Books


 Affordable 3D Printing Tech Is Accessible To Kids


Lego-Like Toys Help Kids Build Electronics

+3D Printing
+Electronics & Gadgets
+Media & Publishing

Capsule Is Reimagining The Pharmacy As A Patient-First Experience

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