Ogilvy Paris tries a refreshing approach to the cliché of the flash mobs in the 'World's Worst Breath' spot.

What would you do if you have the worst breath of the world? Tic Tac and Ogilvy Paris created a tongue-in-cheek spot that is bound to make you both smile and cover your mouth. The ad begins by explaining how bad breath can do more damage than one thinks. In a bustling square, a lost tourist asks passersby for directions – having no clue that they are about to ignite a chain reaction that looks apocalyptic. The lost tourist faints, then so does everyone else in the square passes out due to the (suspected) stench of bad breath. The story continues on a big screen until finally, confused as to how so many people fainted, the screen reveals that all they need to do is take a Tic Tac and to relieve the worst breath in the world. Frightening for the unknowing participants, the point certainly gets across.

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