Ubi-Camera is a prototype developed by the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Japan.

Researchers from the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Japan have created a prototype device called the Ubi-Camera that lets you point and shoot a photograph in a new way. To take a photo, you connect the camera to your index finger and then make a rectangle with your fingers. This works as a viewfinder for the camera and you can then snap a photo by pressing down on it firmly with your thumb.

The Ubi-Camera has a built-in infrared range sensor that works out how much space there is between the camera and the photographer’s face and uses that to create a shot. So if you take a photo with your face close to the camera, you get a wide-angle shot, and if you move further away you can take a close-up. Currently, the camera needs to be connected to a PC while you take a photo but the researchers hope to develop a version that can be used remotely. You can check out the Ubi-Camera in the demo for DigInfo below:

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