Tom Moore of boutique innovation firm Mandalah explains why doing something leads to new ideas and innovation.

Originally published in PSFK’s Need To Know Magazine Volume 1. 

Tom Moore of Mandalah, a conscious innovation boutique based in São Paulo, Brazil, explains link between experience and innovation:

All of you know the story. Archimedes observed that the water level rose when he got into the bath. He understood that the increase in the water level was equal to the volume of his body that he had submerged. ‘Eureka!’ he shouted. Archimedes’ principle was born.

While it is advisable to display a healthy level of skepticism to such Eureka stories—do new ideas ever arrive, perfectly formed, in a single moment?—it’s worthwhile to consider how the discovery happened. Archimedes wasn’t sitting in his study, he was doing something. It was during a (rather mundane) moment of physical activity that the idea appeared.

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