City24x7 is installing 250 32-inch displays that would allow people to make Skype calls and act as Wi-Fi hot spots as part of a pilot program.

Smart touchscreen displays with internet connections are being installed inside 250 phone booths in New York City next month as part of a pilot program by the company City24x7.

According to the NY Post, these 32-inch screens will let people make Skype calls, access their emails and will even act as wi-fi hotspots. You will also be able to view local information like nearby restaurants, traffic updates, sales at shops in the area, safety alerts and landmark information in multiple languages.

New York City's Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications says that if the pilot is successful, all of the city's 12,800 pay phones could be replaced. The waterproof and dustproof touchscreens are being installed at no cost to the city and they will be cleaned regularly. In the future, 36% of the ad revenue generated by these booths will be handed over to the city.

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